LOADMAN front loader onboard scales for waste management are highly accurate, durable, but best of all, can weigh dynamically. This eliminates the STOP & GO method for static front fork scales.
Front Loader

LOADMAN's front loader system weighs the load without stopping the forks, so operators move at normal speed. Increasing the number of customers serviced daily which increases profits.

Rear Loader

Like all other LOADMAN systems, onboard microcomputers take into consideration the fork angle, arm angle, velocity, and acceleration throughout the entire lifting cycle to provide an accuracy of 99%. The system weighs the container going up then re-weighs the container coming down, providing the net content without stopping for the weighing load.

GPS Software

LOADMAN's optional Fleet Management software collects data with GPS tracking. This real-time mapping software tracks individual trucks to see where each vehicle has been while in route. It collects load and route data directly from the in-cab meter. This enables cost effective decisions based on real data.




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